Friday, August 9, 2013

Cooking: Seriously good salad

Kale is a mainstay of the Swann diet.

I love that I can buy it and it stays fresh for days.
We all love that it is  not "spicy" or " harsh" or any other word that has described food at our dinner table. Also, it is incredibly good  for you.
I plan on planting a winter garden with kale this year.


 We try to eat few grains, but sometimes we miss them. 
I haven't eaten pasta in months, but Steve and the kids had some last week when I went out for dinner with girlfriends. I was a little jealous. Steve had asked me to buy quinoa (Keen wha) to try, so I googled "Kale  black bean  quinoa salad" and found a million recipes. And I thought I was original.

I settled on this one and made it by the recipe. Delicious! Steve declared he could eat it every week. Delaney had second and third helpings. Ellie said it was spicy. Two out of three ain't bad, I guess.
I loved it and had it for breakfast the next morning.

I made it again, but with a more Italian white beans for black, leaving out the avocado and using Italian seasoning for the spices. . Very good as well. Perfect to make ahead and chill and great at room temperature as well.
 Hope you enjoy your weekend.

My oldest and I are partying without Steve and The Belle who are on their Daddy/Daughter weekend. I have gotten few photos. One in particular made me very happy!

Sign of a good time...passed out in the back seat

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