Saturday, August 10, 2013

Whatever: The list is back

August is here. My least favorite month of the year. This dates back to being a child. My birthday aka The National Holiday is in early September, so August is a brutally long month. Also, school starts in August. ALL school, elementary, high school, college...I loathed it all. Summer ends in August for most people and I love Summer. Like it is my job.


I try to have a good attitude about August. After all,  my dad, two of my nieces, sister-in-law, and several of my long term friends have birthdays in August. The sun is still hot (which I love).
That is all I have.

My kids start school soon and while I usually am excited about them going back and us having a routine, this year I am not. They are growing up way too fast. My youngest is in 7th grade for Pete's sake! My sweet first born, whom, when I close my eyes I can still feel the presence of as a snugly baby curled up against me, is...*gulp*, starting high school.
How in the world did that happen? I blame too many Augusts. 

I have been remiss in checking in for myself with these first of the month list. I am starting a new job this August and with it comes the need to be a little more organized. So as a start, I am checking off and adding to the official list.  Maybe I should add, skip August as # 13.

THE LIST August Edition
  1. Cut the laziness out of our family's life: is summer.
  2. Stop cursing: This was F'ing stupid
  3. Drink more water. All I drink. Wine has water in it right?
  4. Be a better friend: Always a work in progress. I did make an effort this summer to #1 see my current friends more #2 Make new friends.
  5. Put myself out there for God. : This was stifled by a well meaning person and I have struggled to get my mojo back. Prayers are ensuing.
  6. Read  100 books.
  7. Do a creative project a month. I hung paintings, made a goofy college dorm wall hanging for my porch that makes me happy...It involves wine.
  8. Exercise with a purpose.: this week started running again (twice counts right?), have been working out 6 days a week, doing something...even if it is just walking 5 miles. I am really blah about most things and am hoping that work will make me plan for workouts instead of letting them organically happen.
  9. Teach my baby girl to cook. Cookies, quesadillas, and eggs...she can now go to college.
  10. Go back to school. On burner job instead.
  11. Finish our list of house projects. Heading to Home Depot this morning...painting front steps and restaining deck top priorities.
  12. Organize my stuff. Recently sold my consignment business and now I am a consignor only (meaning I can't tag my stuff half way through the sale and bring it in). My stuff is being organized for that. Lots of crap leaving Casa Swann and heading to Goodwill.
  13. Organize my menus to be something useful  to draw from. Website helps. Need a better system.

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