Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cooking: Sunday Plan Day

This weekend has been a fairly low key affair.
Cleaning, cooking, homework and laundry took up most of the weekend. Steve and I went to hear music twice outdoor in downtown.
 We are so lucky to have that opportunity in our very pretty city.
I found a new musical love/girl crush in fellow Nashvillian Holly Williams. 
I literally am obsessed with her music and store.

Steve and I tag teamed grocery shopping and our bare cupboards are almost full.
We went to the Chattanooga Market today and I loaded up on tomatoes and what I fear are the end of the peaches. I am making a peach upside down cake today as celebration of my new job and the girls going back to school.
This afternoon, as well,  I am make a huge batch of meatballs for the week and to freeze. 
My goal is to make something on Sundays to eat on Monday and freeze for the week after. 
That way when I am working and we have a swim meet or dance performance, we can pull something easy out of the freezer and still have a home cooked meal.

We will see how that works. Best laid plans and all. 
I'm pretty excited about it all, though.
Casa Swann It's Officially the School Year Menu

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