Monday, March 3, 2014

Cooking: LAX is BACK!

What a weekend. My father in law was here again this weekend and went with us to The Belle's first lacrosse game. Parents of athletes are patient people. Freeze your butt off for 2 hours to watch your kid play for 5 minutes. Yep. 

Totally worth it. She loves it and is fired up about being on a team. Of course, she sat on her rear on the sidelines most of the game. That is how we roll. 

Today is Lundi Gras and my children, like me are die hard Mardi Gras fans. So, last night I made not one but two king cakes. From scratch. They take about 4 hours and a million pans to make, but they are so worth it.  I am a sainted mother for sure. Especially since I will not get one bite of either of those.

 Photo: King cake #1 for the girls

After a day of relaxing in the morning, getting chores done and organizing a 12 year old's social life, Delaney and I met a girl friend and two of her daughters at the art museum to view the special  African American art exhibit from the Smithsonian which featured works from the Harlem Renaissance to the Civil Rights Movement. One of my favorite artists was featured (Jacob Lawrence) and I wanted to see his work. Great day to be out and the museum was crowded. 

Via  ( This hangs in the Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga.)

This week we have more lacrosse, lots of practices and a tournament this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate! 

Casa Swann LAX is BACK Menu
  • Venison stew/ roasted butternut squash/kale salad
  • Ravioli with marinara 
  • Greek salad with grilled chicken
  • Salmon burgers/ kale chips/roasted veggies
  • Chalupas 

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