Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dirt: Highschool dance

There are days when it really hits me that I have a high school student living in my house.

Most of the time she is just my sweet girl who is curious and weird. Then we go dress shopping for a semi formal dance that she is attending with an actual date. That is a boy. And reality hits me. This is an almost grown person I am dealing with. A high school student.

Granted, we have four girls who are all getting ready here and she will be meeting him there. But it is a date. Not to be confused with boyfriend, which she swears she is done with in high school.

Last night we went and bought the cutest hipster girl semi-formal dance dress. Think Wednesday Adams as a teenager. And she is wearing heels. TALL heels. I held my tongue when I saw that it was something I would have worn. She is already too much "mini me"for her teenage sensibilities.

These things don't bother me, the dances and high heels. I am happy she is growing up and maturing. The thing that bothers me is the shortness of the time left.  Three and a half years from now, she will be going away to college. She wants to go far, I want her to go far(ish). That is part of living and growing up. Moving away and getting her own identity.  But three years is so short. Especially when I know that the balance is shifting in what I know about her in favor of what others know about her.

High school dances are milestones. Dates and boyfriends are flashes in the pan. My girl being here and living her life out of her messy teenage bedroom is a short blip in the journey of her life.


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