Monday, March 10, 2014

Dirt: The List Update

I somehow missed the list February and now it is the 10th of March.
HOW? I don't know, but I love it.

Last March...middle schoolers...this March...HIGH schoolers

2014 Edition of *The List*
  • Make more lists (home, exercise, kids, etc.) Better (ish)
  • Read more books I am on a roll. Just read a great one, Monuments Men
  • Eat less sugar Weekends only
  • Find a new activity Still looking.
  • Plan for workouts Four days a week. Something, anything, even just a walk. I am almost there
  • Paint the shed Too cold
  • Spend more time with my friends I have had dinner, a game, lunch and chatted on the phone
  • Watch more tv- I am so out of the pop culture loop! Not so much
  • Find a church that works for us all Still  looking
  • Find a cause other than my children Better...
  • Organize my office Yes...
  • Organize my attic/crawl space Not even a thought
  • Organize my holiday crap stuff Nope
  • De-scary my basement Work in progress. Can see the floor.
  • Go hear more music Last Friday went to Road to Nightfall
  • Finish the crafts I promised last year (remember that 5 person crafty thing...well, I never finished it!) NOPE
  • Go see my sister in Ohio (after the state thaws) It's still frozen
  • Less technology, more conversations Not talking when girls are in car
  • More family activities, together, with no complaining (Hello! I am such a whiner!) Sort of
  • Keep our saturday trail running dates Friday hike
  • Finish the backyard project- it's a freaking mess! Still mess
  • Plant a tree Too early
  • Learn to make bread Tried a few times
  •  Finish the freaking painting (I freaking hate freaking painting freaking trim in my freaking house) Not even a  speck
  • Save more $ than I did last year Attending Dave Ramsey classes on Wednesday night. On our way
  • Take my kids on more dates A few here and there. Loving it.
  • Spend more fun time with Steve doing new, fun things We are taking Dave Ramsey classes. Does that count?
  • Go get real glasses (I have been wearing the drug store reading glasses and I love them!) Amazing how much faster I read now that I can see! Not yet.
  • Spend more time with my sisters Dying to do this
  • Create something  Made dinner...
  • Eat more goat cheese It's in the fridge
  • Start running again...GRRR!I am averaging once a week

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