Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dirt: Gratituesday Mardi Gras

Sometimes all you want to share with the world is the polished, beautiful side of your life.
The Facebook side as I like to call it.
Photoshopped and pretty. Like our life is one big Mardi Gras parade.
We all know life is not like that. Not at all.

I have seen this float in real life.

We all struggle with something. Afterall, we are human and we are full of faults. Be it a demon or just a fault, we all have things that are daily road blocks for us.

Lent starts tomorrow and for once, I have no plan. Mostly, I want to get my life closer to Christ and be more like Him. Other than that, no plan. Lent is  a time when we reflect on our faults, sins and hopefully learn to change them through God. 

Steve and I are attending the Dave Ramsey classes. We are trying to catch up with what we never learned, that is how to be the boss of money and how to use our money in a Biblical way. Fun, riveting stuff for sure. Hard to face bad decisions and bad habits, but we are. For me it is a relief. Almost like confession. I am bad with money choices.
Hugh Laurie, King of Bacchus 2014

A budget is tough for free spirits like us. But we are determined to live by one. To get our lives and our homes in order. Perfect choices in time for Lent.

So maybe I do have a plan. Getting my spiritual house in order, along with my money.

On this Fat Tuesday, I am grateful for God's guidance in leading us to this class and this way of life. I pray for more guidance and for continued Grace.

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