Saturday, March 22, 2014

Whatever: Almost grown

One of my new year's mental plans was to remember that my family is almost grown up.

We are finally at that age where we can all do fun things TOGETHER.  All those days of extra crap gear being toted are gone. The girls in my family are all the same size and dare I say it, I am now the smallest and possibly the weakest. I am fine with that. (sorta).

What that means is now we can do really fun stuff. Like bike trips and hiking. For real hiking. The epiphany came last week when I realized we could trade my barely used road bike in for a new bike for one of the girls. And take a bike trip.

As a mom it is very hard to remember that my kids are nearly grown sometimes. I am so used to doing it all for them. Holding their hands, washing their clothes and taking care. Don't get me wrong, they have been doing their own laundry since they turned 10 and they clean their bathroom. But I still seem them as little kids. They are not.

So, along with more responsibilities and an allowance to match, we also get better fun. We are finally that family that I used to envy when I was carrying a kid on my hip and holding another one's hand while we slowly walked up the trail.

Last week we went on a disappointing hike. disappointing in that we could have done it with them when they were 4. But it was still fun and we all bonded with our humor and our quickness on the hike.

I am looking forward to a bike camping trip this summer and more hiking, real hiking. With my (nearly) grown children.


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