Monday, January 26, 2015

Cooking: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...keep that momma moving...Rawhide!

 Days fly by, don't they? Hours may drag, but days fly.  I feel a little ground hoggish this time of year. Eat, sleep, drive kids, work, repeat.   The short amount of daylight during  winter days makes it seem as if our days are short as well. The sun showed it's face finally here for more than five minutes this past week and I was at least able to be outside. I am jealous of my best friend whom I see park every morning to go run as I am off to work.  I miss morning runs.

This week was a good week for working out. I ran once, hit the barre twice and lifted weights one day as well. Yesterday, a friend and I took a 4 mile  hike, which was a therapy session for us both.  She is dealing with a divorce and I just vented about  my need to find things that are more my own. The hike was challenging enough that we felt it, but still easy and we both enjoyed just being  outside.

My goal of 50 hikes this year has two checked off. I tried to go one day after work last  week, but my daughter had a dentist appointment and I had to postpone it.  I may try again this week, but it is easier to go on the weekends when time is a little freer.

I joined a Sunday running group and now that cotillion is over, I will actually get to go run this Sunday. Can't wait!  I also downloaded a free app, JetFit which gives me a workout program to follow at the gym and logs it for me as well. Checked off a morning workout already!

Here's to a week of productivity and goals achieved.

Casa Swann Momma's Gotta Move Menu
  • Grilled chicken thighs/ratatoile/ roasted broccoli
  • sweet potatoes from last week that did not get made
  • hamburgers/ zucchini fries
  • chicken soup/ veggie soup
  • chili topped nachos/ homemade guacamole
Got Talent is this weekend and while my girl did  not make it through auditions, our friend did and we are excited! Saturday we are taking the Belle's boyfriend out to dinner with us. Say a prayer for the young fella. 

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