Monday, January 5, 2015

Dirt: The 2015 List

Happy New Year! Steve  and I were talking last night about  how we cannot believe it is 2015! Seems we were just waiting for the Y2k bug to wipe us all out!

Christmas was one of our best this year, despite having a sick kid throughout  most of break. Poor kid.  We set no expectations and actually did more things and had a better time than when we do. Tree got purchased, decorated and enjoyed. Cookies were made several times and enjoyed. We watched all our favorite movies, went ice skating, did a puzzle,  saw friends, ate our favorite meals and drank our favorite drinks (hot cocoa, wine, coffee and Moscow Mules). We saw our extended family some, but really spent a lot of quality time as a foursome.

2015 is a biggie for our family, full of milestones and new experiences.  One child turns 16, the other will enter high school. Steve and I will celebrate a  20 year old relationship (17 years as a married couple). Both girls will be gone a large portion of the summer at different camps. Life is full of promise and joy.

As I stated 4 years ago when I started this blog, I hate resolutions. I feel they are too fragile and easy to break. Instead, I prefer a list of reminders and goals. The same thing, I know. But not grandiose " I will exercise, etc..." but more of a plan.  My plan this year is to return to this blog. I liked how I felt when I was writing consistently and how I spent more time in thought when I was planning for the next post.

2014 was a great year of struggle for my entire family. I look back on conflicts we each faced separately and got through as a family. What I took away was that we joined forces, sometimes as a foursome, a threesome, or just a couple. The dynamic was different each time, but we got through some overwhelming personal struggles. I hope 2015 finds us using those skills to do the same.

Happy 2015 to all of my readers, friends and family. I look forward to a great year of learning, growth and hopefully, a lot of fun!

The List 2015

  • Get the piano tuned
  • Start piano lesssons (Me!)
  • Read 55 books including the Ken Follet Century Books
  • Cook one new ethnicity meal a week
  • Hike 50 hikes 
  • Redo my kitchen and bathroom floors (learn to tile!)
  • Take the popcorn ceiling down in my living room
  • Paint the downstairs ceilings
  • Take girls on dates
  • Read the Bible 
  • Start phase II of landscape plan
  • Purge, purge, purge!  
  • Say YES!  
  • Exercise 5 days a week. 

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