Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dirt: The College Recruiters Always Ring Twice

Our mailbox, like the mailboxes of all households with sophomores, is getting inundated with school advertisements. "Come here" they all say , "We are the perfect school for you! "  One of them may be the right school for our girl. She is gravitating towards engineering and an urban school with a crew team.

We laugh at the now monotonous onslaught of schools  that girlfriend has no interest in or anyone has ever heard of. Schools that sound fancy, but are really not. I laugh at her responses to me. ( Me: "New York seems less scary than New Orleans." Her: "Good, I am going to New Orleans!")

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I play it cool, but a little piece of me twinges every time I see the envelope. I remember those days of looking and dreaming...what would it be like, I wondered.  Nothing like I could have imagined.  I could not wait to get out of dodge and only came back for one summer. Hopefully I can entice her with more summers than that.

I am reading a book about a mother who bonks her head and loses 10 years of her memory. That is how I feel sometimes when I look at where we are in the stage of raising kids. They are closer to grown up than babies. While I do not under any circumstances want to return to babies and toddlers, I am a little overwhelmed. How are they teenagers when I am just barely out of my teens  myself.

I love the conversations I have with my girls. They are  interesting and smart. By proxy, I feel smarter and more interesting. Life is funny in how you age and your kids age and for awhile, it seems you are getting closer and closer on the timeline.

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