Monday, May 16, 2011

Exercising: back to the old grindstone

As you all know, 4-0 lurks just around the corner. I am excited by the fact that I have a "milestone" coming up and of course, this prompts that old "look back at my life". 

As far as my life goes, it has been a pretty good one. While I get mired down sometimes in the monotony of daily life, I do tend to be a glass half full person. There are times when I look back and am sad/mad/regretful, but mostly, I am happy. I am in a good place, both physically and emotionally. I love my family, husband and my location. So, what's  not to love?

Well, love handles, that's what!  I am a bit out of shape.  And that's what not to love. During the past 10 years, winter is when I get fit. I work out regularly, run, hit the gym, etc. About the time spring hits, I lose my momentum and bathing suit season brings on a general malaise.
I get lazy. I turn into a lizard, laying in the sun and soaking up the rays.

Except this past year. I was motivated until about mid January. 
Then my lizardness kicked in. Except it was cold and I wanted to hibernate.
Don't get me wrong, I still hit the gym, but I was mostly going through the motions. I ran occasionally and started walking/training for a half marathon. But really, I was lazy. Part of the reason was I was bored and the other,a recurring pain in my knee when I run longer than 3 miles. Sad. 

Last week, though. I turned the page/corner/leaf. I started P90X seriously.
I have a new goal: pull ups.
I started running: ran four times last week for a total of 12 miles.
I am working my way up to 30 miles a week by June 25th.
Then I start training for the Ragnar relay with some friends. 
Click here for details

This will  not be a lizard summer for me. Unless lizards do pull ups and run lots of training miles


So, here I go. Getting back in shape. Just in time for my 40th birthday. Coincidence? I think not!

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