Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reading: What is coming up!

I am so excited that it finally is warm! 
There is nothing like blowing off something tedious like cleaning windows, cleaning floors, cleaning anything  to sit outside in custom made Adirondack chairs with a cold beverage and a book.

(If you don't have custom made Adirondack chairs, you can sit in any chair, but it will  not be as comfy.) I am privileged enough to have a handyman b.i.l. who in a fit of insanity made me not one, but two said chairs. They are a perfect fit for me.

But I digress, yet again. 
Spring is almost over here in the sunny south and soon it will be insanely hot and only a pool or the ac will be acceptable situations in which to read. So, while it is still just warm, I plan on spending the next week or so ignoring my pitiful house (except for laundry, which never stops here) and spend my time instead reading. 

Here is the list of what I will be reading. 
The Three Weissmans of Westport
Baker Street Letters
Notes From A Small Island
The Sun Also Rises
Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistle Stop Junction (re-read)
To Kill a Mockingbird (re-read)

I love losing myself in a book. There is just something so great about escaping into someone else's life, even if just for an hour, that makes my life so much more fun. I especially love it when I finish a book and the thoughts of it consume me for days afterward. I almost mourn the end of the book. Most of the list above are "fun" books to read sitting in the sun and so I will fly through them like mental candy. That is also a treat, just kind of like wearing flip flops and tank tops, just light and  breezy. 

Think I'll start now!

PS. That is NOT my Adirondack chair.  My sister is  not married to Pablo Picasso!


  1. I'm coming tonight for the book, if that's ok with you?

  2. I was so impressed with that chair, until I read your p.s.!!! Ha..