Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I could do this job...I am an excellent whiner!

The job I would most like to never have is President. That is a lose/lose job. No one is ever 100%  happy with what you are doing. The pressure to not make a wrong move must be almost paralyzing.  No wonder they all age a decade in 4 years. 

Here is my prediction given the last two years of his presidency.

I would love to be a reporter/commentator though. 
It would be so easy. All you have to do is whine a little.

I was listening to the radio today and heard someone say how interesting it was the Obama did not drop everything he was doing in Ireland and fly back to Missouri when that horrible tornado hit. The speaker was criticizing him for not speaking sooner than he did about the devastation. Well, I have a few choice words for that reporter. 

"Get a life."

The President of the United States is in Ireland and England trying to salvage our reputation with the last few countries who have stood with us in our "war on terror", our banking debacle that brought the world to it's knees and who have constantly had our backs in every endeavor we have engaged in since WW II. I lived in England when the USA was bombing Libya the first time and it was a little freaky knowing they were allowing us a place to fuel our planes and take off to bomb a foreign country. They were very generous given that the Lockerbie bombing had just happened and they were becoming even more a target by assisting us.

The President is the head of our country and has loads of people underneath him that do an amazingly good job. They respond to disasters, both natural and man made and report back to him. When he got all the info, he responded in kind that help was here and the United States had them in their prayer and would help all they could. BOOM! Job done. 

I don't really care what your political leanings are. I appreciate that everyone has differing opinions and that we are all free to criticize our leader, including the President when they are not doing the job they are elected for. But, seriously, that is your topic for commentary?
We had an attack on our soil and the sitting President disappeared for almost 12 hours. What was he doing? I am guessing getting briefed by those same people who are still doing their jobs now. Everyday. 

If all you have to say is " He's not responding fast enough", you are not paying attention. How about insurance costs are higher? How about foreign wars are eating up our ability to educate our youth and thereby compete in the global market? How about oil is making us a target of  insane bullies hiding behind religion?

How about get your head out of your @#% and use your three minutes to ask a serious question.

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  1. wait. you lived in England? Tell me about that next time I see you.