Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whatever: May?

May 1st rushed by me in a flurry of laundry, cleaning out defrosted freezers and trying to get back to normal. But yesterday, as I wrote the date on my check, I realized...It's MAY!  How in the world did that happen? 

Seriously? It's May! May is the month of field day and the last day of school. May is the month summer starts and we wear flip flops and bathing suits. I am so not ready for a bathing suit. May is the month my oldest gets older and I decide what my summer drink will be. (Leaning toward vodka tonics, but that is so unoriginal.)

I have lots to do before the kids get out of school in 23 short days. Firm up, clean up, paint, run and lots, lots more. 

 Here is the to do and the done list update for May. 

BIG LIST  2011
#1 Eat less sugar: doing really well with this except for my wine intake.
#2 Cook a new ethnicity once a week :have hit Greece, India, Thailand, Mexico, now looking into Canada. Do they have a cuisine?
#3 Paint the doors and trim in my house: started, but not finished
#4 Read 100 books : heading for a replenishment today.
#5 Find inner peace I must have been drunk when I came up with this one!
#6 Learn 60 Bible verses only 52 to go!
#7 Get a new hairstyle  (check!)
#8 Reduce my carbon foot print : 1 week without electricity helped this one along!
#9 Reduce my spending: check!
#10 love more : post lent I am vowing to not be a basher. It is hard, but I am making progress.
#11 Train for a half marathon DONE!!!!! Doing a super big race next!
#12 learn to swim : still fighting with this one, but as I am going to the Keys in July, will have it done come hell or high water (get it "High Water!"?)
# 13 Embrace my inner craftiness: moving art around is crafty, right? 

 I have learned a few things in the last month.

#1Walked a half marathon with my sisters and sister-in-law last weekend. Can now check that off the bucket list. Will only run them from now on. 
#2 If you look around, there are Bible verses EVERYWHERE. Read at least 5 different ones on the race course last weekend. 
#3 My daughter steals my books. 
#4 Hotels with complimentary happy hour(s) are worth whatever you pay to stay in them.

Happy May!

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