Friday, June 29, 2012

Dirt: Literally

We are currently under construction.
I mean, literally. 
The floor in the room above me is being ripped up with crowbars as we speak.
Yesterday, I came home from a relaxing afternoon by the pool to the fact that the stairs to my bedroom and bathroom did not exist. 
So...I proceeded to wear my bathing suit the rest of the day. 
If only...

Today, we have stairs and they don't squeak anymore.
As my husband was ripping up the floors upstairs to level them before we put hardwood down, he found a treasure. Not a signed copy of the Declaration of Independence, but...wait for it...a 1959 copy of Readers Digest. I am pretty excited.

The biggest thing that I have found in our renovation is, dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. And nails. And staples. And dirt. Foulness. Insulation from the 1950's, sawdust, drywall dust and just plain dirt coat just about every surface in my house.
 So, I am sweeping and wiping and sweeping some more, as the guys walk through with their hands full of boards and nails. 

When it's done, it's gonna be great.
And dirty.

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