Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gratituesday: I love a trip

Just got back from one of the best family vacays in the history of Swann family (sure, it is only 13 years since we became a family, but still, it was awesome!).

I am so grateful that we can take trips.
Ours are never long.
My kids are fabulous travelers. 

I mean, seriously, they rarely if ever complain. 

We  are kinda nerdy and enjoy learning about new places. And the girls are no exception.

They are up for trying new things...and fashions.

 This trip we biked (with our eyes closed apparently)...

 Took the Metro



Best falafel I have ever had!

Girl's day


 Saw some sights...

Thomas Jefferson's gardens

Child being eaten by a T-Rex

Future President


Weird tree

 Stayed in a really cool house built in the 1800's

Courtesy of an old friend's excellent generosity

Buddies since middle school
 And even though sometimes we did not move fast enough for some people...

 Our trip ended with us all smiling and regaling our fabulous trip together, as a family.

Heading home

 I am so happy we had such a great trip, but most of all I am truly grateful that my husband planned and found all kinds of fun things for us to do while we were on it.
I cannot wait for our next one!


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  1. So fun! We went to DC a few years ago in January. It was a week before Obama moved in. We had SOOOO much fun.