Monday, June 25, 2012

Food: Eating whilst stressed.

                                                                 Oh. My. Word. 

We have torn our house to  bits. 
Actually, on my encouragement, my husband tore our house to bits.
As if!
When we moved into our house in 2001, we ripped up carpet and had new stuff installed. 

That was a long time, two toddlers, 5 cats and 6 dogs ago.
Carpet is supposed to last 5 years before it gets toxic and funky.
I scrubbed spots out of that carpet for 10 years. I believe all our animals and kids at one time or another released a bodily fluid in that room.
It looked good, but was stinky and  the stains were reappearing at an alarming rate. Time to go!

So, out it went. 
Now we have staple infested subflooring. And three steps with beautiful parquet that our carpet installers apparently thought we did not like to see, ever. 

wish they looked like this!

We also have started the process of replacing our 90 year old windows with something a little more energy efficicient than a piece of swiss cheese.

That opens up a new can of worms, of course as new windows are a little differently sized than old ones. So, my house looks like a bomb went off and I am in the middle of second thoughts about projects.

At least my kitchen is intact...for  now.

This week I will have painters, floor guys, friends with experience and of course, us working in my house. And it is my sweet husband's birthday... Happy Birthday week, Sweetie!

Casa Swann " At least there is food" menu
  • Swim meet pizza
  • grilled chicken legs , roasted zuchinni, black eyed pea salad
  • Steve's birthday dinner at his mama's house (peach, basil and greens salad and dessert by me)
  • Swim meet (burgers and tots at 4:30)
  • grilled chicken and veggie flat bread sandwiches

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