Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gratituesday: You got a J-O-B?...yeah you know me!

I have a J-O-B...
Actually three (or four if you count the sometimes that I work with a local artist). 
Life is getting a little hard to juggle. 
I have job #1...Momma (or Mommy as my oldest calls me). 
That is the toughest job I have ever had. Literally, Momma and running a house are the things that make me so tired I cannot think straight.

sometimes a momma just has to lay down
Hence, I have dust bunnies the size of large cats and bathroom floors that require my immediate attention. Also, we are always out of something important (today it is dog food).

But my kids are usually where they need to be and we have dinner together just about every single night. Now, they don't bathe as often as they should and their teeth are kinda funky, but that seems to be a personal lifestyle choice for at least one of them.

Job #2 is a part time retail job that I like most of the time. 
My bosses are kind and flexible and there is no drama with anyone I work with. I clock in and do what they ask, clock out and don't think about it again until I return. Lovely.

Job #3 I am getting ready to start. Also part-time and flexible, it is actually my own business that I can grow as big as I want. Courier/delivery service for one local business for now. 
So, I am a busy girl.

Life is often NOT what you thought it would be. I gave up on what I thought I wanted years ago, with the birth of my oldest child.

I had great advice from someone this past year. She is becoming a very successful artist and business woman. She told me to open myself to whatever comes my way. This is a hard thing for me, who likes the security of  rules and routines. But, after thinking about what she said, I did that. I started by friending people on Facebook that I normally would not have, which opened me to lots of points of view I might not have considered. Then, I took a job in a field that I thought wasn't what I wanted (it has turned out to be a good fit for my life). Both of these things are minor, but they have given me the mentality of finding something that fits in my life, not that I have to fit my life for.

We will see where all of this leads. I am open to what the universe sends my way. I wish it was a winning lottery ticket and a new pair of cowboy boots, but the newest thing it has sent me seems like it might be a great opportunity for personal growth and cowboy boots only get me an inch or two.
I am grateful for two things today.
Advice from someone that has it all together and the privilege of knowing her.

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