Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eating: Hiking makes us hungry

 We went on about an hour long hike today.
An easy peasy one to stretch our legs and hop on rocks.
We saw no snakes (always good) and we commented on how cool water bugs are and talked about Katie Couric and how awesome she is. We have such random talks when we are walking in pairs.
large rock
 The hike was easy, my youngest wore flip flops, in fact.
But, we worked up appetites. 

dry waterfall

Girls hopping the rocks
This week, we are eating from the freezer. 
And the farmer's market.
*We have swim meets this week, so we will eat on the run at least one day.

Casa Swann Wavemaker's menu
 Leftover smoked turkey legs, sauteed kale, salad with strawberries, banana bread
grilled chicken,roasted zucchini and carrots,chickpea salad
 Slow cooker pork, slaw, baked sweet potatoes

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