Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dirt: My list is back

After a seriously long month...July is over.
I am both a little sad and a little glad.
Sad because summer is my favorite season, bar none. I love heat and flip flops and gardening and...
well, all of it.
But also a little glad because July was construction and grief.

We are almost (fingers crossed) done with the construction. At least inside our house.
We are almost back to normal, or at least normal for my house.
Art is almost all back
This is normal at my house

So, I am starting August with a list.
The rest of the year will be gone in a flash and there are things I still want to accomplish.
So without further adieu...
Rest of 2012 Carry Me Through Gotta Get It Done List
  • Read the remaining 22 books on my list of want to reads this year
  • Get my kids to eat more protein for breakfast
  • Do my "Powers of a Positive Mom" daily Bible readings. 
  • Exercise 5 days a week and keep a journal
  • Finish the construction inside: counter tops, closet doors, paint trim and ceilings
  • stain deck
  • replace columns on front porch
  •  Finish Christmas shopping by October 31
  • Get a hobby
  • Organize my office
  • Clear clutter (sell or purge unnecessary items)
  • Get my kids to stop eating in the living room

That is enough for now. August will be busy with pre back to school sleepovers and actual back to school, end of summer guests and final summer meals.
Ah, summer...I love you. 

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