Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday fun fact #1's Friday!

I have always felt that Friday's are special, almost like a holiday.  On Friday's my husband works only til noon and then the partying begins. Well...not really partying, but the weekend officially starts and I love that we get to kick ours off a few hours earlier than most of our friends. Like we are special.

Not as special as they...the weekend is 365 days a year for them.

So, in the spirit of the fun that starts at Casa Swann on Friday....
I am officially dubbing my posts Friday Fun Fact day. 
Some are meant to make you laugh and some to enlighten. I get bonus points if I do both

Here is the inaugural fun fact:

 A little background first.I love The SEC. In my opinion, there is no real football in our country except in the SEC. We are the toughest, we play the toughest schedules, we have thugs and Mannings alike on our teams, and Coaches like Phil "The Great Pumpkin" Fulmer, Steve "visor thrower" Spurrier and Nick Saban (who I hate, unless Tennessee bribes him away from Alabama, then I will name my next dog after him.) Face it, we rock.

Now,  my pre-teen favorite team is now joining my favorite conference. You guessed it, I was an Aggie before I was a Volunteer.
YOU BET! Friday Fun Fact is:
 The "Gig Em" was the very first hand signal of the Southwest conference and was started in 1930 when Texas A&M played the  TCU Horned Frogs (How'd you like to be a Horned Frog?). * Pretty interesting, right? Well, the SEC is a conference of toughness and characters. The Aggies are gonna bring it when they join us this fall. Texas has it's fair share of characters and I for one love that they are sharing with the rest of us.

I will be watching closely this season as my two teams take their stand in the best conference in the country.  All I have to say is...

And Gig 'Em AGGIES! Football season will be fun this year.

* Info found here

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