Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gratituesday: foods of summer

Back in business.
My kitchen,that is.

After several weeks of things being  not where they are supposed to be,
we are almost back to normal.
Garden is kicking!
So, this week to celebrate, we are eating.

Lots of delicious home cooked meals.

I am fortunate that I like to cook as much as I like to eat.  I am not sure which I like more, to tell the truth. I am also very fortunate that my husband will eat whatever is put before him, without complaining. He is a champion of non- pickiness.
But, he also loves really good food, so that inspires me to be a good cook as well.
My kids are good eaters, one being a foodie of sorts and the other being, well, a second child.
She hates spicy foods and doesn't really care for shrimp or cantaloupe. Weirdo.
I have had a strict policy since they were babies of eating 5 bites of whatever is put before them. No special meals, no catering to one kid (except the spicy thing), no chicken nuggets everyday. That works for some families, but not for ours. I want adventurous children who will be gracious guests. Yes, they don't like certain things. Yes, the youngest will ask for other things when she can get away with it (like when she  is at my sister's house). But,  you have to try it. 
Except for peas. I hate peas, so peas are not served at Casa Swann.
This policy has allowed both of them to have a wider palette than most kids. Meaning we can go eat Indian or Thai on vacation.

But I digress. 

The kitchen is open for business. It is summertime and the living's easy.
And the veggies are bountiful. And I am grateful for my kitchen and my family of eaters.
This weeks Eating High Menu
stuffed poblano peppers (from my garden), Tex Mex burgers, sauteed kale
grilled corn crust pizzas with pesto, goat cheese and chicken
Sloppy Joes, roasted green beans with balsamic mushrooms, sauteed kale
Black bean and goat cheese quesadillas and sauteed kale
PS. I am still in love with the Olympics. Every second is so exciting. GO USA women's soccer rematch against Japan!

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  1. Your menu is the only menu that inspires me. Love it.