Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dirt: What I am doing today

I am going on a date today.

A fun date, that has been planned for months.

I am going on one of my favorite kinds of dates. 

My husband and I are going to hear music.
We have always been huge fans of live music. Both of us. 
When we started dating it was one of tho mutual loves that we bonded know one of those  "You love that too? " moments.

So we have spent many, many hours and dollars going to hear music. We are lucky that we live in a town with a thriving live music scene and two hours either way from two of the biggest concert towns. So, music we get.
Music speaks to both of us. It lifts us and carries us through and speaks to our soul. I can walk into the house with a song stuck in my head and within minutes, Steve is singing it too, and vice versa.
Music, as cheesy as it sounds, connects us. 

Today, we are going to a new town to hear several bands we really love and my personal favorite singer/songwriter who happens to hail from one of my hometowns.

Will be a wonderful date day, for sure. 

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