Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gratituesday: Prayer

Everyday, I pray for the same things.
I think God must think I am so boring and whiney.

I pray for my sisters and their familial needs. I pray for my girlfriends and their journeys.
I pray for my parents, that they always be safe as they bump along in their bus.
I pray for my kids, the strength to raise them, the wisdom to raise them well, and the courage to be a strong Catholic mom. And I ask for forgiveness (lots and lots of forgiveness.)

Those things. Every. Single. Day.

God knows my heart, even when I don't vocalize the matters therein.
But, talking to Him daily, boringly is a true joy. 
My thoughts are unscrambled. My nervousness about my family is eased. 
My grip on trying to hold it all together is relaxed, just a little bit. 
My unraveling stalled momentarily.


I believe in prayer. I believe it works. 
Sometimes, not in the way we want it to. Sometimes not when we think it should. 

God answers prayers. 
We lose people we ask Him to keep alive. We don't get jobs we want.
But we are humans and our scope is microscopic. We can't see what is coming up. 
We don't realize in the moment the damage a person might have to live with if they continue living. 
Our minds only know our current wants, we cannot see what lies ahead.

However, I have seen miracles.
I  have felt God's hand on mine as I struggled with my journey.
I know He listens and measures. 

So, daily, I whine and bore God with my needs and requests. 
I ask for guidance in matters small and large. He calms my fears and holds me in His hands. 

Those conversations are the best part of my day sometimes.
For them, I am grateful.

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  1. Wow. This is good stuff. Major inspiration.

    You don't bore God though.

    This is good stuff.