Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dirt: Bittersweet, Baby

Big milestone today.
Baby Girl Swann got her braces off!

Huge deal.
She is my baby and I have always treated her as such.
She was carried well into pre-school. 
She had her food cut almost into middle school.
I still feed her sometimes.

My baby is one of two and yet, she is just that, the baby.
Our last baby that needed us to carry her, feed her and keep away the loud noises.
Weird to think another milestone has passed and she is one step further away from needing us.

I hate that. 

So, today, I took her to get LOTS of chewy candy and gum. 
Then dropped her off at the orthodontist office.

She went in a baby.

Came out not so much one anymore.

Bittersweet, for sure.

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