Monday, October 1, 2012

Cooking: Fun, fun, fun

We had a busy weekend...

Friday, we watched the girl's classmates play soccer and then went to dinner with one of the best soccer players on the  team ( and my youngest's bestie) and her mom, my dear friend, Ann. 
Taco Mamacita was delicious as always. If you are lucky enough to live near one
 (Nashville, Chattanooga or St. Simon's Island),
 go and order ANY of their tacos and their Mexican Chop Salad.
 Best.Salad. Ever!
Also, the chipotle sauce on the table is amazingly flavorful and HOT!
 Great on anything, but be careful, it is really hot.

Saturday, we hosted our Ragnar Relay team (GO Pacer & Chasers!) at our house for chili, football and s'mores. We had 10 kids at our house and it was really fun. Our house is like a redneck oasis in the middle of the neighborhood. Tree fort, trampoline and a big yard that we don't really care about keeping  "nice".  Super fun and of course, there were s'mores!
I have to say, it was the cleanest my house has ever been after a party with 10 kids in attendance. 
Testament to a fort and a trampoline being excellent sources of party entertainment.

Sunday, which is always Funday at Casa Swann was a day of church, confirmation class and then...
Chili Cookoff.

My husband and one of his funniest buddies entered  The Chattanooga Market's chili cook off.
They were reluctant to enter, as our lives are always so busy on the weekends. But the powers of persuasion of Paul Smith were excellent.

I don't know about Ken, but there was chili making going on at Casa Swann until 2 am  with my husband working on  his masterpiece. 
They set their tent up and once our girls got back from mass, they proceeded to sell samples. 
We had lots of  girls selling chili and taking money and talking trash.

Dutch oven was the first to run out and when the judges tasted it...


Classes of 2016, 2017 and 2019 representin'
Had no doubts whatsoever, although Alchemy Spice gave them a run for their money, for sure.

After the market closed and we loaded the dutch ovens into the cars, we headed with the celebrants over to one of our favorite restaurant/brew pubs for some excellent salmon dip and salad. I am so predictable. Every time I eat there, I order the  Brew house Salad. What can I say, it has goat cheese, nuts, apples and goat cheese?!?

All in all, it was a delicious and fun weekend. 
I ran twice and got to have coffee with friends Sunday and then hung out off an on
 the rest of the day with various ones as well.


Casa Swann's Lovely Weekend...Now it's Monday Menu

  • Pesto  baked chicken*/roasted carrots/ spinach salad
  • Tomato, chickpea and squash stew
  • BBQ chicken Sandwiches/baked sweet potatoes/roasted zucchini
  • Mexican Pork Tenderloin, sauteed collard greens, roasted carrots
*didn't get made last week...carried over til Monday

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