Thursday, September 27, 2012

Exercise: 100,000 pounds

Y'all know my husband is a beast. 
Literally, the strongest man I know.
Sometimes, I forget that he is human and I assume he can pick things up like trees and cars.

He inspires me to be "stronger" even though with him around, I really don't have to be.

That's right...he's strong!

We went to dinner Saturday night and I was explaining how I am stuck.
Stuck with "being healthy" as my only motivator for working out.
I am happy with my weight, he thinks I am hot, and I eat well, so I feel pretty great most of the time.
So, he suggested we make a goal together to run a certain distance and lift a certain weight.

Now running is easy for me. I am not fast, but I get it done.
Weight lifting is easy for him. He is strong. 

So, we agreed on 15 miles and 1,000 pounds for me and 5,000 for him.
Until he lifted 10,000 pounds on Sunday, just working out in our yard.

I laughed  until I added it up.  

Monday, I went to the gym and had an easy workout of 20,000 pounds. Literally, an "ease back into it" workout. I was amazed, as I always thought about leg press as 100 pounds. NOT 3,000 pounds.

So, I upped my goal to 100,000 pounds (same as his) and I am 28,250 pounds into my goal. I think a more realistic goal is 50,000. Tweaking, still tweaking.

So, with that goal, we are training yet gain for this. And lifting tons of weight. 
TONS! I feel stronger already.

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