Monday, September 17, 2012

Cooking: And...we're off!

School is back in the swing of things.
My kids are busy with homework, sports and social lives. Not necessarily in that order.
Most days, I get home at 6pm. That is about to change. My oldest is now swimming until 7:30 two nights a week. So, now we will be eating later on those days.
We like to eat at 6:30 and then have an hour or so to chill out before my early bird husband goes to bed at 8:30.  
It's exhausting being so awesome

We also like to eat things other than tacos, so I am trying to find things I can make and stretch or make extras of and freeze (other than chili).

My routine will hopefully be set now that my sale is over and we are pretty much on the course for the rest of the year. My day goes like this:
Drop off, workout,work, chores, make dinner,  pickup, eat dinner, dishes, hangout.
We'll see if that jives with the rest of the family.

This week, I am trying a new "make now, freeze for later" meal.
As the only one who is not eating it, I am hoping it works.
The Casa Swann " try something new" menu
  • sloppy joes, roasted carrots and broccoli
  • Pulled chicken sandwiches, oven fried okra, roasted squash
  • Pesto pasta with shrimp, salad
  • black bean and zucchini quesdillas

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