Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gratituesday: My old/new kitchen

We spent a fair amount of time (and money) this summer renovating parts of our house.
Some of our work, we hired out to "professionals" and most of it we did ourselves.

My husband became a focused man this summer and taught himself some craftsman skills. In addition to the table in the kitchen, he installed counter tops, tiled and stained our floors and stairs. I still am amazed.  This was also a great excuse occasion to  buy a lot of tools. Kreg jig, router, and who knows what else joined our collection of tools in our basement.

We also got a really great kitchen out of it. I had a picture in my head of what my kitchen would look like and with some minor tweaking, I got it. We still have to paint the ceiling and I am lobbying for a new stove and micro. But until mine die, these work just fine.

I am truly grateful for a happy place to cook my family's dinners, chat with my girls at night about silly and not so silly things, sit and have a glass of wine with my husband AND just sit by myself and look around at how lucky I truly am.

Now, I am not a fancy girl, and my kitchen reflects that. I am an art loving, hippie chick who loves to cook and really loves old houses. And so, for  my old house/new kitchen, I am truly grateful.

Old kitchen...with weird lower "deck area" that was useless
Mid progress...

Tiling being grouted
Almost there...new paint, new tile...laundry on pool table

Ah..perfectly me.
Even Charlie approves

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  1. I bet it's cuter in person. i'll stop in soon!