Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun Fact Friday: Original Gator Hater

It's football time in...

And house divided time at my house.
This weekend Tennessee plays Florida. 
And my husband attended the University of Florida.
Don't hold it against him, he was actually born in Knoxville. Although his grandfather was famous for saying that his mother "Took a perfectly good boy to Florida and ruined him."

So this weekend, we are rooting against each other.

So... my Friday Fun Fact this week is about....
Florida and their "Chomp" !

Their special hand gesture is a fairly new one, compared to the Gig Em. In fact it dates only back to 1981. The chomp is one arm over the other to represent a gator's mouth. This is accompanied by the lovely chant "Gator Bait". Orignial, I know.


However, as someone who has lived with a "gator" for 17 years, I have to say that chomp is painful. Especially when this guy was quarterback...

This year, however, I will not hear too much, as the Gators are not looking to great and almost lost to Texas A&M last week.

So, Honey, I hope you have fun talking trash and getting yourself all worked up because the only thing getting "chomped "  is you.


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