Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gratituesday: Music to my ears

My kids are little music lovers.
They are not Beliebers * They are Deadheads, Owl City Heads, Florence & The Machine Heads.
The are just plain ol' music lovers.
They have grown up listening to a wide variety of music in our house.
And, they have been going to hear live music since they were babies.

My town, you see, is a music town.

As someone who spent her teens and twenties going to hear as much music as possible, I am thrilled to see my kids going down the same path.  They are eclectic and a bit snobby.
We have spent many a  Friday night the past 12 years going to hear a free band at a block party in downtown Chattanooga. From Memorial Day weekend to the Friday after Labor Day, people come with chairs, kids, dogs and an open mind.

I have heard some truly great music at "Nightfall". Some have gone on to be very famous s

uch as the Carolina Chocolate Drops who won a Grammy just a short few weeks after I saw them. Others have been local bands that are striving to make the music they love as a career, such as my beloved
 Strung Like a Horse.

But just this summer alone, I heard a band that had just played at Bonnaroo (Deertick), one that will be huge in just a year or so (The Wild Feathers out of Nashville, TEXAS), a Celtic Rock band, a jazz pianist and more. 
In past years, I have seen Zydeco Indians, hard rocking rollers, Canadian Bluegrass and more.

The best part is this. People from all over my city from all demographics come together to hear music that is not necessarily their cup of tea. We all dance and pet each other's dogs and say "Hello!". It is amazing how many people I see each week, year to year, always there. Black, white, homeless, rich, young, and old, we all gather with open minds.

This is one of the best things about living in my city. The music and the fact that so many options are free and family friendly, makes it such a great and happy place to live. Last weekend my family went to hear free live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
My musical soul was fed.
I am so grateful to have these experiences to share with my kids.

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