Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Fun Fact: Jam band bluegrass for the one I love

You make sacrifices for the ones you love.

My husband has watched many Wes Anderson movies and saw this one in the theater.

I am going to hear a lot of bluegrass this weekend. 
Which may be a little lopsided as I like bluegrass in small doses, and I sense that he doesn't share my love of all things Wes Anderson.

 We are attending the 3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival this weekend. The festival is one of the many amazing music events held in our fair city. We have been before and it is really nice, as far as bluegrass festivals go. Yonder Mountain String Band and Keller Williams are both playing. If you like bluegrass, you know who they are.

If you don't,'s Friday's Fun Fact(S).

Yonder Mountain String Band or just, Yonder if you are a fan, is a band from Colorado. Two fellas met and formed a band when they were at Harvard, one of them not knowing how to play the mandolin he owned. They formed various bands until finally Yonder was born. They have traveled all over the country playing festivals such as Bonnaroo with various "jam bands" such as Railroad Earth and String Cheese Incident.

They are huge.

Keller Williams is a funky bluegrass/jazz musician and  his voice is truly amazing. Keller hails from Virginia and has toured with Yonder and various other bands around the country since the 1990's. As a musician he is freakishly talented and his music is hard to describe. Apparently he has endless energy as he is in numerous bands and side projects. He is currently touring as Keller and the Keels, and they have an amazing sound.

He is huge. They are amazing.

I have to say, my "sacrifice" is not really all that huge.

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