Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gratituesday: VOTE!

Yep, I did.

I am a woman. 
I waited a few minutes in a warm building.
I was not bullied, in fact I was greeted with kind words and a smile.

My vote will count. 

The country will move forward no matter who is elected with no riots, no bloodshed, no war.

I cannot fathom having to stand in line for hours, with guns pointed in my general direction, knowing my vote is purely for show. Or worse, not being allowed to vote because I am a woman.
Voting in Sudan (2011) via
God Bless Us. The United States.
The Land of the Free.

I voted and I am proud.
And grateful to live where it is easy and convenient to vote.
Where I voted looked a lot like this (via)
Sometimes I think that is why half the people who can vote don't.
If it that easy, can it matter?

Yes it does.
AND...since this is MY blog and MY voice...
I will echo the words of Susan B. Anthony...who would have made her rallying cry 

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