Monday, May 6, 2013

Cooking: Sunshine daydreams...wishful thinking

Stuck in my head all weekend!

Seriously, Sunshine, COME BACK!
We had about 1,000 inches of rain this weekend. So, joke, it rained so much that my driveway was a pond. And I live on the top of a hill. Foul, foul weather. 
Yesterday, the sun appeared for  14 seconds (while I was in church) and then back came the rain. 
Uhm...hello! It's MAY.

I am NOT complaining. We always need rain, my garden is going to go bonkers and I will be a happy camper tomorrow. Once the sun comes back.

This weekend we learned a valuable lesson in parenting...check the reason for the R rating of a movie before you spur of the moment decide to take your 12 and 13 year old daughters to it. On the up side, we confirmed we are a very open family.
 On the downside, Steve squirmed for two hours during The Big Wedding.

This week, we have a lull in the crazy. The calendar is empty until Friday. Of course homework will be ramped up as it is the end of the end. We can handle that. 

Casa Swann Breather Week Menu

*We have cut back greatly on the amount of grains we eat. I have personally not seen a huge difference in weight, but I have seen that when I do eat them, I am immediately tired. 
Now if I could only get rid of our sweet teeth!

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  1. DAMN RAIN! We've got lake Day in the backyard. Wanna go fish?