Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Exercising: Bikini or not

I am 41 years old. 
My baby sister is 36. 
We are both working out doing the same program. 
She is built like a personal trainer/cross fitter.
I am built like a 41 year old. Mom.
2 years ago...celebrating almost 40

I am loathe to blame age on our differences. Especially since I was a slug from November til March. However, it is is discouraging when I eat right and exercise. And those darn 6 pounds are still lazing around, mocking me every morning on the scale. 
I have made peace with parts of the situation. First of all, I am 41 and I can get into my jeans from when I was 26 and a slender girl. I also am really strong, especially my legs. My goal of 50 pull ups is becoming a reality. I can do 30 with the assist band on one knee. A rounder face looks like less wrinkled


All in all, I am okay. I worked in the yard and moved over 80 bricks today. My back feels great despite that hard labor. I pulled weeds and lifted bucket after bucket of cement and didn't bat an eye or call my husband. 

Life is good. 
Will I wear a bikini? 
More than likely, yes. 
I will just cringe when I take my shirt and shorts off and pray
that everyone knows I can wear my pre-child jeans.

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