Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gratituesday: Really, good food

 This week's Gratituesday is about food and food memories.
I was telling my husband today about one of my birthday meals as a kid.
I am a notoriously picky eater. Not in the sense of  "plain food" or  "no spice" but in the "it must be good" food. I am not a huge fan of fast food, I don't like chain restaurants, don't eat meat or sandwiches (wet bread) and truly love "fresh food". Basically, I like what most people would consider high end food, at least when it comes to eating in restaurants.
Needless to say, we don't eat out much. 

As a kid, I was less picky. Although I really have never liked meat (except BBQ, I am a Texan after all)  or fruit punch. I loved sugar cereal, but my favorite breakfast was boiled eggs and grapefruit. Apparently I have been an old lady my entire life. We rarely at out and I loved pretty much any meal my mom made with the exception of two dishes,  liver and chicken and dumplings (wet bread).

When my mom asked me in the of 4th grade what I wanted for my birthday dinner, I said...
Lima beans and corn bread. Yep. Large lima beans and Martha White corn muffin mix. 

How low maintenance is that? 
I also wanted a KISS album. 
Loved this album

I love eating really good food. As a vegetarian, it is harder and harder to find it cooked well. Most people want to add bacon as a substitution for good flavor. That is cheating and of course, not acceptable to me.  When I find truly flavorful, well cooked food, I am over the moon. Especially if it is something that I really love and rarely find. Like giant beans. I ate these last week from a food truck and I was instantly back to that birthday so long ago.

 As someone who likes to eat,what food tastes like and how it makes me feel is very important. I am so grateful that my favorite restaurant has decided to have a food truck at both the Friday night concerts we loyally attend as well as the Chattanooga Market which we rarely miss. Terra Nostra gets me. They really,really get me. 

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