Friday, May 3, 2013

InstaFriday: Warp Speed

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The last 10 days have really flown by! 
I always feel like the last few weeks of school are on fast forward. 
Between all the end of year events and finishing up the actual school year, our house is on warp speed all the time. 

A rare family photo

We had our daughters' school tradition of May Day last week, which is a festival and a show. With the exception of 6th and 10th grade which are mandatory dances, the girls in the other grades have the opportunity to dance for the seniors and the crowd.  Beautiful and old tradition (this was the 99th queen) and fun for everyone. I realized that my youngest will be in the 105th May Day. (If you are wondering, the school was founded in 1906.)

6th girl is in green

8th grade...mine is at the top right.
Last May Day as middle schoolers

May Poles

 Our weekend was fairly calm, with one kid at a sleep over, we enjoyed hanging out one on one with the other. We worked out, did homework and of course, prepped for the Main Event of April, my sister Karen's birthday! She,her husband and two of their kids came down for the day. We had a great visit complete with lunch and a cake. And candles. Apparently at this age, you need a lot of hands to light ALL the candles.

 We also went to the market, because after all, it was Sunday.

 The end of sports came on Monday, so we have been able to get home at a reasonable hour and get home work done in time to enjoy our beautiful spring.  (I loathe Spring, but I do enjoy my Azaleas).

 I bought a hammock and have enjoyed exactly 15 seconds in it as it is always occupied by someone else. Someone who loves to read as much as I do, apparently. At least that someone is cute.

As I said, the end of the school year brings lots of last minute projects and much studying. 
Very serious studying.

Three short weeks and it will all be over. Including middle school for one of my girls. I will cross that bridge when I get to it, but for now, I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend of live music and emptying a Uhaul for my parents. Like I said, warp speed.

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  1. My Aunt went to GPS and so did many of my friends growing up. I have never seen such great pictures of May Day! Thank you for sharing.