Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gratituesday: Books

I read a lot, apparently.
Although not as much as I would like or even as much as I used to. I read at night, as part of my night time routine. You know, wash face, brush teeth, moisturize, set alarm clock, read. 
Lately, I have been reading magazines while I sit outside and eat my lunch as well.
I blame the computer for my lack of accomplishments. Worm holes are easy to fall down, reading blogs. But, books are my friends.

As a kid, I was an early and dedicated reader. I read all the time.Charlie Brown books, my Big Book of Fairy Tales, Beatrix Potter, The Bopsy Twins and of course, Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing were all early favorites. I read instead of interacting with my peers once I got to school, as I was VERY shy and changed schools a lot.

In high school and college, I read in the summers like someone who had traveled the desert and found an oasis. When I moved to St. Louis, my first real adult move, I got a library card BEFORE my license. I was a frequent visitor at all of the branches.

The St. Louis Public library

I love the escapism of books, but also the learning that you get opening your mind to someone else's written word. The book I am currently reading, The Position, by Meg Wolitzer is so well written, I think about it when I am not reading it. Not the subject (a family whose parents wrote the equivalent of The Joy of Sex) but the words. Meg Wolitzer is a beautiful and extremely descriptive writer who makes you think hard about what you are reading. I love those kinds of books. The ones where you think about it and miss after you finish the book.
My dream house
I read lots of different kinds of books and am not a book snob at all. Except I loathe books where women are weak. Twilight comes to mind (don't hate me). In fact I like to alternate a lighthearted book with heavier subjects. After The Position, I plan on reading  The  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  I like to keep it real.

The best thing about summer is the large stack of books that my kids and I check out at the library. There is nothing so comforting as a stack of books waiting to be read. Even though I have finally embraced the Kindle, I love a physical book.
I am grateful to live where books are important and that I have the freedom to read whatever I want. 
And as much as I want.

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