Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I had this whole funny snarky post planned for today, but instead I am posting about what is on everyone's lips and minds today.

Or better yet, the peace that was shattered yesterday afternoon. I have no idea what would make someone hate, yes, hate humanity so much that it would allow them to be able to randomly kill and maim. I cannot wrap my mind around it.

As I watched the news yesterday to get my mind around what happened, I thought of two things.
The first was how many times I have crossed finish lines with my kids and husband watching and waiting, cheering me on. The thought of seeing them carrying me through the race.

The second was how hard those runners trained and how much they gave up just to be at "THE BOSTON" and how that closure of a year of training will  never happen.
Yes, the heartache of lives lost and maimed is horrific, much worse than not finishing a race, by far. But the gut punch of not finishing will always be there. The fear of wondering if your kids and spouse were alright must have been maddening and the panic would have almost made my heart stop.

I have stood with my kids and cheered Steve on and he has done the same. Big races, little races, it didn't matter. We have been there. The atmosphere around a race is so fun and addictive. The runners are high on finishing and the spectators are thrilled to be a part of that. A marathon is that times 1,000 and I am sure the Boston is that times a million. You are in the moment, cheering and celebrating others successes.

*But this time the atmosphere of love was shattered.
All the happiness,bombed. I will always pray, for Boston.

*This post was finished by my youngest daughter. I had more to say, and left it up on my computer  and found it finished. She summed it all up.

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