Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whatever: Shopping list

I need clothes.
Not need as in "I haven't shopped in days"
 but need as in
 " I have given every thing away and now I am going to be naked."

Pinterest has been my friend these past few months and now I am making a list of items I want to purchase to go along with what I have already. A plan, have I! 
Yoda, channeling am I.

Actually my plan is this: 
  • buy a complete outfit  with items that will  go with other things I have
  • buy two dresses that I can wear casually, but dress up for dinner
  • buy a casual pair of fun shoes to go with shorts/dresses/jeans
  • buy some tops that are statements to go with bottoms that I have 
  • find two pairs of jeans (one blue and one colored) that fit 
So, I have been looking online at various websites and of course, Pinterest. The downside is I don't enjoy shopping for clothes. I really don't enjoy trying them on, especially in the store. Yet I need to do both. You see my dilemma.
What are your thoughts about shopping? Do you enjoy it or see it as a necessary evil?
If  you shop, where/how do you do it?

Here  is my visual list:





PS. I just read that grunge is coming back this year. Fist BUMP! 

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  1. I almost emailed you a link to an article about the return of grunge, my flannel shirt sister!