Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dirt: The List, April

Here it is the 9th of April.
I remember someone telling me once, how time is so relevant, depending on our age.
That is a truth for sure. As a 10 year old, a month is so very long.
 As an adult, it really is just a blink of the eye.  

April is a good month. My beautiful sister has dominated it as her month, at least in my mind, my entire life. I associate it with flowers, raincoats and my sister, Karen.

Of course, 18 years ago, I started dating the cutest boy in the world in April. 15 years ago,  I married him. So, now April is also the beach and a barefoot wedding on a dock in Key West.
Ah, April, you lovely girl. Don't rush off and leave us too soon.
The list is constantly influx. I work on it and add and subtract from it daily.

April Update of "The List"

  1.  Cut the laziness out of our family's life:I took the passwords off my kids ipads and laptops for Netflix and Hulu. We cut cable months ago, still don't miss it. Delaney organized her closet in her free time. Ellie has been outside every second she can be, even in the rain, even in 40 degrees! We are working as a family on outside projects (Well...some of us.) Still find candy wrappers in beds and dishes in rooms, room for growth for sure.
  2. Stop cursing:  Ha ha ha....
  3. Drink more water. Got a fancy cup that I loved, filled it every time I emptied it, dropped and shattered it. Now back to Tervis and filling it up when I walk by. The habit is just about instilled.
  4. Be a better friend: I have gotten lazy in my friendships and my mental status shows it.  Still working on this. I feel like a turtle. However, my plan of calling people when I think about them has really started working.
  5. Put myself out there for God.Listening when he answers is the better task.
  6. Read  100 books. 11 down!
  7. Do a creative project a month.  Not a priority last month, but I am working on something.
  8. Exercise with a purpose. Gym 6 days this week. Boo YA!
  9. Teach my baby girl to cook. Muffins. She set the microwave on fire and then cooked a fork it in. Baby steps.
  10. Go back to school. Fall
  11. Finish our list of house projects. Working on taking up brick path and today, building a compost bin. List is so long.
  12. Organize my stuff.  Basement, closet, shoe closet, linen closet, top of Delaney's closet, office. ALL DONE!
  13. Stick to a financial plan to pay off all our debt by 2018. Boring, but working.

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