Monday, April 29, 2013

Cooking: A menu and a birthday

As I said earlier, April to me has always been "Karen's month". I felt a little awkward getting married days before her birthday in 1998. She has always been the candle burning brightest in our family.
A fun, kooky girl, she is affectionately known as Krazy Aunt Karen by her nieces and nephews.  She is the most stylish and funniest person I know.

I have always felt a little dowdy standing next to her. Like the hump back sister that is allowed in photos. Karen is gorgeous and always has been. 

This Sunday, she came for lunch and my mom made a deathly cake. I kept calling it avalanche cake, but it is called earthquake cake. As in "if you eat much of this cake, your footfalls will cause an earthquake". Needless to say, it was delicious!  We ate pork tacos, Spanish rice and black beans and said cake, then walked it off at the Chattanooga Market.

Great day, for me at least, as I had most of my family together. 
And we sent my sister off on the beginning of her 39th year...only two more birthdays to 40.
I hope the end of her 30's are as lovely and fun as she.

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Almost May Casa Swann Menu
  • Salmon burgers/ sweet potato fries/ roasted carrots
  • Frittatas (one veggie one bacon)/ carrots
  • BBQ chicken sandwiches/kitchen sink salad
  • Pork tacos/ rice and beans

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