Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gratituesday: A reflective list

Today I am back to my list ways.
My grateful heart is almost overflowing these past few weeks.
Chattanooga is an amazing place to live, I have great friends, lovely kids, an awesome family and the support of  husband who more than tolerates my flightiness. The richness of my life sometimes is eclipsed by my humanness. I am flawed and easily distracted. 
In light of the news last week and the visions of people who lost their lives and the life they knew, I stopped to be reminded of what I would miss if my life were turned upside down. I, like most Americans, easily lose sight of how blessed I am. This past week of news reminded me that we walk next to the edge all the time.

Gratituesday List
  • A bed with blankets that are old, but still beautiful and warm
  • A husband that after 18 years together still tells me I'm hot
  • Kids that are smart, funny and kind to their friends
  • Friends that put up with me, despite my flightiness and carelessness
  • My dogs that keep me company and drive me batty sometimes
  • An annoying cat who makes me laugh
  • My old funky house that I love so much
  • My yard, with a million squirrels that live in the tall trees
  • The owls that live in my yard
  • The hawk that flies around my house looking at my cats. Eat the squirrels!!!
  • The safety of every member of my family in Texas
  • The knowledge that I will  have a reunion with my cousins next year. Family is so important and I am so excited to see them
  • All my limbs and the ability to use them to exercise and work
  • My parents buying a farm an hour away
  • The Chattanooga market
  • Coffee made every morning by Steve
  • Daughters that swim
  • All of our combined family, Steve and I are so lucky to have them
  • My sister who is creeping closer to 40
  • My other sister who calls me weekly with my nieces hilarious comments. They get me through the week
  • The sun!!!
  • My garden
  • Books
These are some of my favorite farmers...(via)

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