Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whatever: Anniversary

Yesterday was the anniversary of our first date.
Today... our wedding!

Best wedding in the world, in my opinion.
Got married on the beach at sunset in my big dress. 

Our wedding was like the starting gun to our "adult" life. 
We got married, had an awesome week long honeymoon along the gulf coast including Jazzfest in New Orleans. Then hurried home for Steve to study and take his Chiropractic Boards. 
Our reception was two weeks later, the day he finished his boards. Talk about stress.  That was nothing compared to what was coming, though.

We had a nice little lull as he finished school and graduated in August. 
 That was the end of the lull.
Within 8 weeks,  I was pregnant, he stared an internship in Louisville, Kentucky, I started looking for a place to live in Chattanooga and we were completely overwhelmed. 
 Long, long story short...we spent most of our first year of marriage living apart while he finished his internship and I worked and went to the doctor in Chattanooga. 
He finally arrived in early April. We celebrated our anniversary, opened his practice and had a baby all within the next month. Talk about whirlwind of stress. 

We completed the  breakneck living by welcoming our second daughter 4 weeks before we celebrated our THIRD anniversary. Since then, we have slowed down. 

Marriage is a living and breathing creature, that is sometimes bi-polar. Ours is no exception.
We love each other always, but it has been a somewhat bumpy ride. The first three years were insane. We had babies and a business, bought two houses and struggled to find our way. Life was not anything like we thought it would be, which could have brought us down and our marriage with it.
Through it all, the one person I have always turned to has been Steve. We have worked through lots of things, always together, which I feel is the secret to our success.

So, on this the 15th anniversary of our beautiful and emotional wedding on the beach, I look back with happiness and gratitude that I married the best and most fun guy in the world.

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