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 Friday was Decades Day at school. We rocked the 1980's AD and the 40's BC. 
Only my child would think of a toga for decades day. Actually, mine and one of her besties.

Saturday we hit the opening for Spark Festival and Ellie jumped in an outdoor Zumba class. Girl has some rocking calves. And a sweet boy that she has been friends with since second grade. His parents are about the coolest people in town. His mom does marketing for some of the festivals and events around town and I am pretty sure she was behind Saturday's kickoff.

 After the festival and a lacrosse game that of course I did not get a photo of, we hit our favorite restaurant with some of our favorite peeps. The adults enjoyed beverages and the kids hit the gelato store across the parking lot.

 Monday found us at culture fest and Ellie rocked the traditional outfit of Indonesia. And made some delicious rice pudding. What a great event put on by really smart girls. 

Tuesday was our last middle school  track meet and I for one, was a little sad. 
Ellie has no interest in it, so this was it for me. I captured my girl throwing. She has a great game face and form. A few weeks ago, a high school track coach from another school commented on her great form and that with a little more training, she could be a great high school thrower. Big stuff for Casa Swann. She came in second in both events on Tuesday, .05 of an inch  behind first. 

 All in all, it was a good season. She loved being with her girlfriends and competing for her school and made friends with the girls they threw against from Cleveland. Hilarious conversations between the two teams, for sure. 

The weather was amazing, but now it is raining and cold. 
Hopefully the weekend will return us to lovely spring weather.
Hope yours is fabulous.

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