Friday, April 5, 2013

Instagra-Friday: Catch up

life rearranged

We had a busy week last week and have gotten back in the swing of things this week.
Last week, the girls were on spring break. We love spring break. 
There is no holiday rush, no company to entertain and sometimes the weather is nice.
This year, the weather was terrible. But we didn't really care. The girls had sleepover guests, we say Oz the Great and Powerful, slept in, cleaned out closets and just relaxed. 

Tuesday, our Crisp Girlfriends invited us to either go skating or bowling. The girls chose skating and they  had a blast. Our kids are the most gorgeous girls in town. Hands down.

 Wednesday was The Belle's birthday and we celebrated by having her two besties over for another sleepover and the grandparents (in town)  over for dinner and cake. 
We go all out for birthdays at Casa Swann  as it is the  only day that is about YOU. Christmas is more low key in the present area, but birthdays are big time.
We got take out chicken fried rice for baby girl and her friends and I made the requested cake.  Chocolate with strawberry frosting and Peeps.


We got take out chicken fried rice for baby girl and her friends and I made the requested cake.  Chocolate with strawberry frosting and Peeps. Gorgeous, right? 
She loves color, so hot pink frosting was de rigueur, of course. 

 Her quesadilla maker was a hit, even the box.* ahem, Napoleon*

  Friday, found the birthday girl under the weather, so she stayed home while Delaney and I went to the ATL with the parental units to check out the Ikea's kitchen situation for their new house. 
(Congrats Mom and Dad on the new farm! )

I checked out my dream stove while I was there. I could do some serious life saving with that beauty. Alas, it will not fit in my kitchen.

 Delaney is working on organizing her room as well. In fact, she is waffling between asking for in Iphone OR items for her closet/room for  her upcoming birthday. Chances are slim for the iproduct, but high for the Ikea product.

After hours of shopping and a quick bite to eat at Willy's, we headed off the TJ. 
I am a devotee of Trader Joe's.  I love their wine, but also their food. There are lots of great items that they carry that we eat. I took my cooler bag and bought pork tenderloin ($9.50 each!), Taquitos, canned salmon, chocolate, nuts, JoJos  and of course bootie, aka corn puffs. 

Delaney admited she missed her sister...the world stopped revolving for about 2 seconds. I know you felt it.

Meanwhile, Steve and Ellie were having adventures feeding popcorn to goats. I didn't ask.


Saturday, we had a little (160 egg) Easter egg hunt with some of our neighbors. The kids had fun and so did the adults.  This girl had her new shirt from Grandpa & Susi to show off. Perfect shirt! It took the place of the quesadilla maker as the favorite gift. 


 Saturday night, Steve and I had a date and  went to a free concert at Track 29 and heard two of the three bands that played. The last one was a New Orleans Jazz band. LOVED IT!
I miss New Orleans so much. The music made me nostalgic for it.

Monday, school started back and the rest of the week has flown by. 
 Traditional uniforms took the place of winter ones and the girls are much happier.
We have been on a whirlwind of practices, studying and catching up.

 I cooked dinner 5 days already this week. Good thing I like my kitchen

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