Monday, April 15, 2013

Cooking: Menu and a movie suggestion

Weekend was so, well, weekendish.

Kids went to a play, we had a date, attended a right brain festival kick off, and two lacrosse games. Following all that, we went to lunch with friends, including one visiting from Washington, D.C., all the while sporting our new farmer tans courtesy of the lacrosse field. 


 We had big hopes, but ended up watching a movie (IQ, more on that in a moment.) til midnight. 

Sunday, we lazed about, worked on homework and a project which included a trip to Goodwill and the grocery store. We got a little yard work done, I cooked a pork tenderloin and then the day was over.  And so was the weekend. 

weird things at came home with us.

We pack so much in, including a little down time, which makes it just fly by. 
When I was getting ready for bed last night, I told Steve that I love Sundays because we are all home as a family and relaxing. We may not all be together, but we are all "around" and it makes me so happy.  The kids will be gone before we know it, so I relish these lazy days.

While the kids were working on math problems and studying for tests, I was planning dinners with their input. Very sweet girls told me things they liked and so, the menu was easy this week.
We have a track meet and a lacrosse game this week, so two nights will be "later" nights and I picked the make ahead meals for those nights. 

Have a great week and read below why you should watch Walter Matthau being a great Albert Einstein in I.Q.

Casa Swann Picked by the Girls Menu
  • Salmon Burgers (homemade)/Zucchini Fries/ Box Mac n Cheese (the girls love it)
  • Sloppy Joe/ Sweet Potato and Smiley Fries/ Salad
  • Pesto Chicken thighs (last bit of last year's pesto)/ Kale salad (from my neighor's garden)/ roasted carrots
  • Squash, Tomato, and chickpea stew/corn muffins
  • BBQ chicken sandwiches/grilled salmon burger/ slaw

**Movie Review** We have been watching old movies with the girls. Some are hits and some are misses. This weekend, I wanted to watch a fun, romantic comedy as I was tired and just wanted to relax. Steve had already gone to bed, so the girls and I watched I.Q. with Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins and the ever wonderful Walter Matthau.
 First, it is funny. Smart funny, which the girls and I always give extra points to a movie which we find it to fit this criteria. Of course, it is about one of the greatest minds in the history of the world, so it better be smart. However humor is as valuable as brains, with the scientists who are so hilarious, especially when they are helping the Tim Robbins character, Ed, take a test. 

Speaking of which, it has Tim Robbins, who is very nice on the eyes. Extremely nice.  However, the best thing about this movie is that it is about embracing what you are, not changing to fit a certain image. From the scientists, who dress in a very eccentric manner to Ed who is a mechanic who reads popular science, the focus is on being who you truly are. 

The character Catherine, played by Meg Ryan back when she was still Meg Ryan, is coming to terms with that idea. She is a brilliant mathematician who underestimates her own worth. Set in the 1950's at Princeton University, the scenery and cars are worth watching alone.  However, I recommend it for the dialogue and the message as well. 
Oh...and Walter Matthau is absolutely fabulous as Albert Einstein. 
As always.

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