Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dirt: Gratituesday

*This post was started yesterday, but never got posted

  is the new name for my Tuesdays posts. 
I owe the name to a very special person, I am not that clever!

I started last week and have been noting things all week, as I notice them. My heart has been a little more open, since I am cognizant of being grateful for things that are in my life.
I get so bogged down sometimes with worry and stress, that I fail to enjoy my life.
What a great sin to not enjoy the blessings sent our way. I doubt that God sends us difficulties to shake us up, but I could see how He would allow us to get some perspective on things.

The List of Gratitude

  • Lists
  • Shrimp. We had gumbo this week and it was delicious! 
  • A business partner who has stuck with me for 8 years. The money really was a nice boost this month.
  • New running shoes. I got a pair yesterday after my first run and the second run of the day was so much better!
  • My daughters. They make me laugh, make me crazy, warm my heart and keep me on my toes.
  • Toilet paper. I know it is weird, but twice I went to ladies rooms yesterday that did not have any.
  • Neighbors who love me.
  • The health of my siblings. 
  • Prayers answered for a dear friend's sibling.
  • Dear friends who meet  me for coffee and have fun little sons. 
  • My new iphone. I love it, even though I can't figure it out.
  • Weird cats who entertain us daily.
  • Parents that are supportive.
  • Ebay and the joy of small pleasures. Right now it is Turquoise Fiestaware. Tomorrow...?
  • Smencils. I love them. I would love my own so I don't have to borrow my daughters.Santa?
  • Nagging thoughts that make me move forward with things. God, conscience, ego...?
  • My husband's staff. They make our life so much easier. They are amazing.

There are so many more, but I am a very lucky girl, so it would take months for me to get through all of them. I thank God daily for my day. That alone is a great blessing. 

And so is all her glory!

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