Monday, October 3, 2011

Food: Back to normal

I have been writing down what we eat every week for a couple of years. 
It helps me plan both meals and shopping. The time and effort it takes to cook meals we share as a family is worth the effort. We eat together every night during the week and usually on the weekends as
well since my kids are still young enough not to have a huge social schedule  off by themselves
sometimes it is a real balancing act to get dinner on the table!

I am a firm believer of eating together. Conversations flow, accountability is formed and we bond as a family. I try to steer the conversations to positive topics and am always ready with some nuttiness for comedy relief, if need be. 

My husband did not come from dinner together as a family as he was raised for most of his childhood by a single mom. She was really great, from what I can tell, but worked. 
So I think meals together mean the most to  him. 

This week, we have a crazy schedule, as always and two nights we won't be home until later.
So, I have planned a few easy meals for then.

What are your thoughts on family dinners?

Casa Swann's week o'meals
Chickpea, Squash and Tomato soup with sausage
spinach florentine ravioli with grilled chicken
 Salmon patties, sauteed kale and white bean salad
Chili/Veggie Chili
Grilled Chicken sandwiches with sweet potatoes

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  1. sauteed kale? Recipe please! And for that soup!